Polo Hats – Our Guide to Finding the Best, Most Affordable Styles

Looking For That Stylish Polo Hat?

If you’re looking for Polo hats that will add a bit of style and panache to your everyday look, you’ll enjoy our helpful and detailed guideline. By assisting you in finding the best Polo hat styles online, we’ll make it possible for you to enjoy ultimate selection for a very affordable price. Polo hats are made by the Polo Ralph Lauren Company, and they may be sophisticated or sporty.

Polo Ralph's Polo Hat

Which styles of polo hats are you looking for? With many different hats for you to considered, there are many to choose from that will work best on the personality which expresses you. The best way to find your choice of hats is by a comparison-shop using Google in order to search for different retailers which provide these coveted designs for an assortment of prices to choose from.

Since the Polo brand is known for its preppy aesthetic, these types of hats will typically feature clean-cut design elements, bright colors and designer accents, such as the ubiquitous Polo pony logo, which lends an air of exclusivity to each and every design. However, the Polo brand has really evolved over the decades.

These days, Ralph Lauren and his team of talented designers are creating hats that appeal to many different types of people, from hip-hop performers to pro athletes to Hollywood celebrities. As you can see, although the brand is known for collegiate style, there is more to the modern Ralph Lauren brand than an old-school, WASP-y aesthetic.

Now, let’s explore some tips on which styles of Polo hats will work best with your personal style, as well as how to find great deals on your preferred designs (by using the power of the World Wide Web)…

Which Polo Hat Style is Really Right for You?

If you’re into bold fashion that really expresses your personality, search for brightly-colored hats that will really play up your adventurous personal style. One example of a hot style to consider is the Classic Big Pony Sports Cap, which is available in a bright and bold royal blue, with a large Polo pony logo in the cheeriest lemon yellow shade. The cap is also accented with a yellow number 3 on one side.

Another fine choice for those who don’t shy away from color is the Classic Sports Cap, which features forest-green fabric and a black bill. Accented with a polo pony logo that features a bold, round border, this signature style is classic, yet still very modern. Both hats mentioned here typically retail for about $45.00 (USD).

Wear bolder polo hats with bright hoodies, stylish jeans, and the latest sneakers. Or accent tank tops and tracksuit bottoms with jewelry for a hip-hop look that makes you feel like a superstar.

For those who prefer subtlety, there are a couple of wonderful selections which offer the most traditional style, without any flash. For example, the Signature Pony Hat, which retails for $35.00 at the official Ralph Lauren website, features a plain fabric background that is highlighted by a very small polo pony motif on the front. Choose your preferred color, such as navy blue with a pale yellow poly pony logo or elegant taupe with a navy polo pony. This hat will never overpower your looks, and it will look great with other pieces from Polo’s clothing lines, such as classic polo shirts and chinos.

Another low-key choice is the Denim Baseball Cap, which also retails for $35.00. The soft, pale-blue denim of this hat is accented by a vintage-look label in white and grey. This polo hat will look ideal with dark cotton pants and basic t-shirts. It’s also a perfect choice to wear with summer attire, such as shorts and flip-flops.

Now that you know some of the best styles of Polo hats, let’s talk about how you should buy these designs online. While it’s always possible to find such styles in local, bricks-and-mortar department stores and designer outlet stores, why go to the trouble? When you make the decision to shop online, you’ll be able to access cut-rate prices from a range of online retailers. While shopping at the official Ralph Lauren website, http://www.ralphlauren.com/search/summary.jsp?kw=hat&origkw=hat will reveal a range of exciting choices for men, women, children and babies, you will need to pay full retail for any hat or hats that you buy, unless a special promotion is currently happening.

How to Pay Less for Polo Hats

The secret of paying less for Polo hats is comparison-shopping. The easiest way to comparison-shop is by using Google in order to search for different online retailers which offer these coveted designs for an assortment of prices. When you compare products and prices across a range of different virtual storefronts, you’ll be able to ensure that you’re getting the best possible deal on the Polo hat that you want.

Before making a purchase, be certain that you’ll be getting authentic Ralph Lauren merchandise. There are counterfeit designs out there, and these typically do not offer anywhere close to the quality of the original, authentic hats. Once you’ve been assured of genuine Ralph Lauren quality, you’ll be ready to decide if an online retailer is worth doing business with. Some online retailers are very safe. For example, Amazon.com offers superlative customer service policies, as well as access to authentic Polo merchandise. Other websites, such as Overstock.com, also feature great deals on these designer hats.

However, there are plenty of smaller retailers that stock these hats for very good prices. In order to determine whether or not such a retailer is on the up-and-up, search for customer reviews, and don’t hesitate to check the company out at the Better Business Bureau website, or your country’s equivalent. If a retailer checks out, even though they aren’t a bona fide “big box” chain store, you should be pretty safe ordering the Polo hat that you want.

Now that you know more about Polo hats and how to find the perfect styles for you (at the very best prices), isn’t it time to select a hat (or a few hats) that will give you the total Ralph Lauren look? After all, you deserve the very best, and Ralph Lauren, whose runway shows continue to dazzle the fashion elite year after year, knows how to design hats that flatter and inspire.

Choose a Polo hat that matches your own sense of style, knowing that you’re selecting a quality product that will really stand the test of time.

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